Absurdly Premature, Non-First Round Draft Look: Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson | RB | Arkansas | 5’9 | 213

National Football Post

NFL Draft Scout

Summary: Usually I would have three links, but these are the only two that I trusted to put forth. Johnson is projected by NFP as a 3rd/4th round pick, and considering the Packers need for a RB I feel like he would offer good value in the mid-rounds. NFP says that his build reminds them a lot of Jones-Drew and Sproles. In fact if you click the link, they really praise him to the point where he would seem like an high pick yet is still considered mid round material. There isn’t any mention on what cons he possess as a prospect.

NFL Draft Scout has the game by game coverage of Johnson and is praising his game vs. Auburn. He took over the starting job from starter Knile Davis and has shined. They discuss the same positives as NFP, but go on to say he isn’t overly explosive.

Both links really praise his game, calling him a three down back who does a good job running with power while also showing good hands out of the backfield. It is interesting that with that praise he is still considered a mid round pick. If he continues to play well, he could climb as high as the second round. But regardless, he seems like a player who could produce in Green Bay’s system both out of the Shotgun and the I-Form/Stack Formations while also being great value in terms of draft position.

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