Counting to Ten: Packers not dead, but surely in the ER

I write this after talking myself off the “SEASON IS OVER, WHO WE DRAFTING” ledge, because honestly the Indianapolis game that was just played certainly deserves that reaction. But something I want to remind everyone is that the season isn’t over just yet.

Let’s go back to the beginning of week 7 2010, where the 3-3 Packers were coming off losses to Miami and Washington, in overtime, in back to back weeks. (Even writing that made me look at the panic ledge again) If anyone remembers those games, they looked eerily similar to what the Packers were experiencing right now. No offensive chemistry, O-Line unable to provide a pocket, Rodgers holding the ball too long, in-efficient defense, injuries out of the blue etc.

But then a meeting occurred, where the team aired out their problems and then things began to change. Rodgers and the O-line fixed their issues, the defense was suddenly motivated.

The point is: This team has seen this before and fixed itself. And after this Houston game, while the schedule isn’t easy, it certainly isn’t the 49ers, Bears, Seahawks gauntlet that the start of the season was.

Keep faith Packer fans, these aren’t uncharted waters. The games upcoming are winnable, teams that Green Bay can beat if they play to the best of their ability. The team is fixable, it will just take some good luck with injuries and a team wide re-commitment to winning games. So all at once now, join me in stepping of the ledge.

In similar circumstance, this group has come together and conquered once before. Let’s give them the chance to do it again.


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