DJ Williams: The Lost TE

When remembering DJ Williams from his days at Arkansas, he looked to be the little engine that could. He wasn’t physically eye popping and without knowing who he was, you wouldn’t know he was a impact player. Yet for Arkansas, he was a crucial safety valve for their offence and consistently found a way to gain Yards after Catch.

When he was drafted as a Packer, many people scratched their heads. He looked like nothing more than a value pick, as the team was already stacked at TE. How was he going to fit in, experts asked? Would he be a special teamer, someone who fit the army of 6’2, 240 lb. players that Green Bay possesses? Would he be an H-Back type, lining up at both Fullback and Tight End? Not a bad pick, for sure, but how would he help the Packers?

As Williams was scratched yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder if he would be better served playing elsewhere. He does have some skills as a pass catcher, his time at Arkansas showed that. But with Finley’s contract and everlasting potential, there is little chance he will get to really show what he can do. In the running game, Tom Crabtree is the clear cut blocking TE for the Packers. Not to mention the fact that when he is thrown the ball, on the rare occasion, he seems to be reliable enough to catch it (Which is no guarantee for this team). Ryan Taylor is the special teams ace and can block in a pinch as well.

When weighing all the options, it seems like a team that needs a young Tight End with some upside could shell out a late round pick for him. The Packers seem to have all the typical roles of a TE covered, and with Quarless still rehabbing there is no telling if he could come back and complicate the TE picture even more. Williams has the upside to warrant a look from other teams while also be relatively expendable for the Packers.

Any thoughts on what Green Bay could do with him, both on the team or in return for his services?


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