Nearly Finished?: Is Jermichael Finley running out of time in Green Bay?

As per Pro Football Weekly,

Scouts around the NFC have apparently begun to question Finley’s future in Green Bay. Check the link for the meat and potatoes of the supposed rumor, but the bigger question is: How long does Finley have left in the Green and Gold?

As Packer fans know, Jermichael Finley is one of the most polarizing players on the team. While the fans have been told about his athletic prowess ever since arriving in Green Bay, there are glaring flaws in his game. The Drops. The hit and miss blocking. His agent speaking publicly about Aaron Rodgers’ leadership.

But at the same time, there are those moments where he shines. His seam routes and ability to extend for the ball. His use of body positioning to shield defenders from the ball. His prowess at running the goal line fade and attacking the football (which he very rarely gets the chance to do) 

After watching for years, I can’t help but think that all these issues are mental. A lack of focus? Maybe. Lack of Confidence? While it may seem unlikely, some of the most confident looking people in the world are also the most insecure under the surface.

Regardless of what could be the cause, the possibility of both Finley and Jennings becoming free agents next year might not be as crazy a thought as it once was.

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